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Google’s Take on Airdrop Fast Share Is Seeing Some Action

It has been a while since we have learned something about Fast Share, Google’s upcoming take on AirDrop. However, based on a brand new hands-on video, it looks like you may quickly be able to take a look at the file-sharing feature in your Android phone. Now known as Nearby Sharing, XDA-Developers was able to get the in-development device working on shipping photos and videos between a Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 4.

The good news is that it seems like Nearby Sharing solves a lot of the usability quirks that stopped Android Beam from becoming more popular. To begin, Android now completes the initial handshake between two units by way of Bluetooth relatively than NFC. In consequence, you don’t have to place two telephones right up next to one another to start the sharing process. Instead, it appears as you have about a foot of vary to work with. Utilizing the function also seems more straightforward. You can allow Nearby Sharing from Android’s quick settings menu. Afterward, sharing a file is just a matter of accessing the share sheet, which you can pull up in most apps by tapping the three dots icon.

Notably, it additionally likes you should have a few choices when it comes to setting up how the function works. For instance, there are visibility options that permit you to prohibit who can send you a file. Additionally, there is a setting to allow your phone to use data to help with the process.

Sharon writes for the Mobile technology for the group. She is a mobile freak, always carrying a new phone. Sharon has done her academics from Brown University, where she got masters in electronics. At her own time, she writes for a regional newspaper.

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