Google Will Answer Your Android-Related Issues on Twitter

Google will now answer your Android-related issues on Twitter, and you do not even have to slide into its DMs. The company has declared that it is currently assisting customers who tweet their concerns with the hashtag #AndroidHelp. Google has additionally supplied some further information about its new tech support system on Reddit, noting that its answers will come from the official @Android Twitter deal with. Further, the tech giant said you should use the hashtag to get an answer for many Android-related concerns, including standard troubleshooting, id, and authentication, accessibility, and safety.

Google did not say why it selected to offer technical assistance on Twitter this way instead of getting people DM the Android account with considerations. Perhaps it has technology that makes it simpler to weed out spammers if the messages are public. Additionally, the truth that everyone will be able to browse messages with the hashtag might give people a plan to find answers on their very own, preferably of getting to ask in the first place.

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