Google to Modify Search after Facing Design Backlash

Last week, Google upset desktop customers when it modified the appearance of Search. The changes have been relatively minor, showing firms’ favicons after hyperlink previews. Still, critics argue that the modifications cluttered an in any other case clear interface and made it challenging to distinguish ads from search results. Now, Google is backtracking a bit. In a tweet, the company stated it is going to “experiment with new placements for favicons.”

Over the coming weeks, Google says, it would proceed to check changes. Desktop users will see a variety of favicon placements. It is hard to say at this level what that may seem like. It is also unclear how Google will distinguish ads.

Last year, Google introduced the favicons to mobile Search. The aim was to make it more evident the place data is coming from. Based on the company, the changes have been nicely obtained on mobile. Google says early assessments for desktop have been constructive, too, however, that the company is “always incorporating suggestions from our customers.” In different phrases, Google appears to have heard your complaints, and it is working to figure out the best way to redesign its desktop Search.

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