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Google News to Kill Paid Magazine Subscriptions

Google News will now not extend paid magazine subscriptions. In response to Android Police, the News team sent out an email to clients, telling them that the company is killing print-replica magazines in Google News. A company spokesperson has confirmed the change to Engadget, remarking that this system worked with fewer than 200 publishers. Subscribers will not be able to purchase new magazine issues anymore; however, they will fortunately still keep obtaining old points (PDFs and other formats) within the Google News app through the Following or Favorites tab. As well as, the tech giant is refunding subscribers their latest payment within 30 days.

Google’s started selling digital magazines in the Play Store again in 2012, along with movies and TV shows. They had been made out there for free to print subscribers a year later, and the service was eventually folded into News. Primarily based on the email, the News team is helping clients to visit the websites of the publications they had been subscribed to — and, therefore, to subscribe to each one individually — if they wish to keep reaching their content.

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