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Google Is Enhancing Offline Language Translations

Google is improving the quality of its offline language translations, the company has announced. A new Google Translate update brings this improved offline translation functionality, which Google says is 12-percent more accurate concerning issues like sentence construction and grammar. Specific languages, nevertheless, together with Japanese and Thai, have experienced more substantial offline enhancements via this update.

Google Translate is best when used with an Internet connection. However, there are times the app will show useful in the absence of WiFi or mobile data. Whereas traveling in a foreign country, for instance, someone who doesn’t have mobile data entry, will find Google Translate’s offline assist helpful, though the results are often much less accurate and polished.

Google is improving that with its newest app replace. A total of 59 languages have acquired offline translation accuracy enhancements, some more considerably than others (Polish, Korean, Hindi, and extra). Google provides an instance of this improvement within the screenshot above; although the first offline translation is understandable, the second translation is grammatically correct and doesn’t leave anything up for interpretation.

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