New Google Assistant Working in 2021

What do you understand about Google assistant?

Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool powered by a virtual assistant. You can find the Google Assistant tool in Android mobile phones, iPhones, and smart home devices. It is also called Google’s next-generation or descendent in searching for the information that you require.

Google Assistant Working in 2021

The functionality of Google Assistant

Google Assistant interacts with you through Android or iOS phone to guide you to perform various tasks like setting alarms or listening to music. It also handles some of the home automation devices. When you ask general questions to Google Assistant, it can give handle more problems. Using Google Assistant, you can tap into the web-wide search results, owing to the access. Each & every search that you make via Google Assistant makes it more comprehensive. Google Assistant would perform the following tasks.

  • It exercises control over mobile devices like Smartphones, iPhones & Smart Home.
  • Google Assistant has immediate access to your information via calendars & personal details.
  • It has access to the music that you play.
  • It allows you to play the content on your Chromecast and other compatible devices.
  • Google Assistant provides you with run timers and reminders.
  • Fix up the necessary appointments via calendars.
  • It provides you with notifications for the users to read.

What is the role of the Google Search console?

Google Search Console is a free SEO tool that helps monitor & troubleshoots your website’s appearance on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It utilizes the Search Console to give the website owners complete information on how Google crawls and indexes. It places the websites, which would help the website owners monitor and optimize a search’s performance. If Google finds the prevailing issues or new problems, you will get the notification through email without regularly logging in. The Google Search Tools & the reports help you calculate your website’s traffic & fix the problems, which would improve the search engine rankings.

Google News

It’s a personalized news aggregator that organizes & presents the continuous flow from thousands of publishers & magazines. The days of listening to the news on TV or radio have become old-fashioned though these sources still prevail. You can also get the information using Google Search or Google Assistant to be in touch with the latest development!  If you want to know what’s happening in India, you can get the time-to-time updates by typing Google News India. Google news Canada would give you information on what’s happening in Canada. Google News in the USA shows the developments taking place in the USA.

Google 2021

Doodle for Google 2021 is a pleasant surprise! It’s a simple drawing designed to attract the attention of the viewers. It can also have a concrete or professional meaning. Google supports Doodle for Google is a yearly contest open to K-12 students. All they need to do is to fill the form to participate in the competition. Google would display the National Winner artwork that would make them eligible for a scholarship worth $30,000 and $50,000 for technology package for their schools or non-profit organizations. You can expect the Doodle competition to take place within March 2021. Keep yourself tuned for the next update.

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