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Google Announced Chrome to Warn About Insecure Downloads To Users

Google at present announced that it would soon warn Chrome users about “insecure” downloads the initial move in a system to block them entirely.

“Today, we’re announcing that Chrome will steadily ensure that secure (HTTPS) pages solely download secure files,” stated Joe DeBlasio of the Chrome security team in a blog post. “Insecurely-downloaded files are a threat to users’ security and privacy. For instance, insecurely-downloaded applications might be swapped out for malware by attackers, and eavesdroppers can read users’ insecurely-downloaded bank statements.”

In April, beginning with Chrome 82, the browser will warn customers who are about to download mixed content executables from a safe web site. “In the future, we count on to further restrict insecure downloads in Chrome,” DeBlasio wrote.

Both of the scheduled warnings are additionally coming to the iOS and Android versions of Chrome, although they may be slightly delayed. You can count on all combined content downloads — the insecure ones anyway — to be blocked in Chrome 86, which Google estimates will launch in October.

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