Ghostery Adds New Desktop App at Cost of $14 Month

Ghostery, which makes the ad- and tracker-blocking extension of the identical name, has launched Ghostery Midnight, a desktop app with extended privacy features that fetches $14 a month.

Ghostery Midnight not only includes an ad-blocker and a tracker-blocker. However, it additionally has a VPN, which is a brand new function for the company. It works throughout quite a lot of apps and browsers. Whereas the tracker and ad-blocking features are on by default, you can toggle the ad-blocker, tracker-blocker, and VPN on and off. Ghostery Midnight can also be in a position to block adverts and trackers on several browsers directly, so in the event, you use more than one browser, its extra convenient than downloading a separate extension for every browser.

Ghostery Midnight blocks first- and third-party trackers based mostly by itself database, which is updated often; however currently includes at least 4,500 trackers from more than 2,600 firms. The app reveals to you how many trackers are being detected in every browser and tells you the place every one of these trackers originated. You too can select from amongst three preferences for every browser or program: “Protected,” which blocks trackers; “Monitoring,” which can inform you which trackers are on your device but is not going to block them; and “Disabled,” which does not record or block trackers.

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