Fortnite Is Experiencing In-Game Mysterious Blizzards

Fortnite’s map usually experiences chilly weather. Every year in the winter periods, the map’s natural landmarks get enveloped in snow. However this time around, there’s a bit more than a snowy dusting. Instead, a full-blown blizzard is hitting Fortnite’s Chapter 2 map, and nobody knows why.

The in-game blizzards seem like popping up in most of Fortnite’s game modes and appear to occur in nearly every match. Each distinct storm comes suddenly and without warning. The map will get dark and heavy curtains of snow start to fall. Visibility on the map will get reduced so much you can only see a couple of feet in front of you. After just a few minutes, the snow relents and the storm passes, leaving following the regular Fortnite winter map.

As with any unexpected, game-wide event in Fortnite, gamers are already trying to find the better which means. Players haven’t found any proof of the blizzards changing anything about the map; however, some players are nonetheless looking out in hopes of finding something that’s been changed.

Regardless, the blizzard is a fun addition to Fortnite and should lead to some interesting, albeit challenging to see fights. There’s no telling how long these winter storms might last, however, the current Fortnite season is set to end sometime in February, and at least a few changes are expected then.

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