First Full Body VR – Teslasuit Glove Allows You to Feel Virtual Objects

The Teslasuit isn’t new by any definition of the word; the full-body VR suit first made its method out into the wild last year, and its official site details a fair bit about its operate. Now, the corporate behind the suit is releasing a pair of VR gloves named, aptly enough, the Teslasuit Glove.

Much like the full-body suit, the Teslasuit Glove is designed to be an extension of the go well with. It is intended for mission-critical simulations, such as fire fighting, astronomy training, medical rehabilitation, and components meeting and evaluation. What separates the Teslasuit Glove from different VR accessories is that it features a mixture of basic haptic and force feedback. Courtesy of the nine electrodes fitted on each finger.

The results of this fitting permit the Teslasuite Glove to provide the sensation of contact on a non-existent surface. All whereas the plastic exoskeleton surrounding it creates resistance and vibration, allowing the user to think that they’re interacting with a definite object. It doesn’t cease there either. The Teslasuit Glove also features a pulse oximeter, enabling users to maintain track of their heart charge and, within the process, indirectly measure stress levels being experienced whereas interacting with specific scenarios.

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