Fios Gigabit Customers Will Be Eligible For Stadia Premiere Edition

Beginning on January 29th, Fios Gigabit customers will be eligible for Stadia Premiere Edition. The $129 worth features a White Stadia Controller, Chromecast Ultra, and three-months of Stadia Pro, which currently comprises five free games.

After that period, the service costs $9.99 each month; however, a free Base tier is anticipated later this year. The bundle is geared for taking part in on television. Yet, Pixel owners may game on phones, and only Chrome is required to play on desktop computers.

Just like the deal throughout the pond, ISPs get to promote their network speeds and pitch customers on upgrading to faster plans. The streaming service wants at least a 10Mbps connection for 720p, whereas 4K resolution in HDR and 5.1 surround sounds require 25Mbps.

Verizon is pushing its top-tier fiber optic community with packages starting at $79.99 per month. For Google, it helps drastically expand Stadia’s retail footprint, which is, at the moment, limited to its online store.

Next Wednesday, new subscribers can go to the My Fios app to get the free Stadia bundle. The process entails a promo code that’s redeemed and shipped by the Google Store. This offer doesn’t presently lengthen to Verizon 5G Home customers — where there’s already a YouTube TV partnership, however “additional Stadia promotion news” is “coming soon.”

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