Facebook to Send Notification after Third Party Login

It is pretty easy to forget where you employ your Facebook credentials to log in, especially since utilizing it’s as simple as clicking a single button. Now, the social network has launched a brand new feature that sends you a notification when your account is used for logging into a third-party app. It will not only serve as an added layer of safety that can provide you a heads up in case somebody improperly accessed your account, but it will also provide you with more control over your information.

The notification, which you will get via email and the Facebook app, explains to you what sort of details Facebook shared with the third-party software or web site. If sharing your email deal with and photo with a random app you logged into does not sit effectively with you, you can click on the Edit Settings button in the email to take away the app’s permission to access your details.

You’ll get a notification the first time you use your login with an app, and when you reuse it after that app’s access to your data has expired. Take word that you can additionally see which apps currently have access to your login (and revoke their access if you want to) by going through the social network’s privacy checkup.

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