FAA Will Monitor All Drones Flying In the USA

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to implement new rules that would permit the remote identification and tracking of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. Under its proposal — available for viewing on Federal Register’s website — UAVs might be required to broadcast their location and identification information immediately from the unmanned aircraft and to transmit the same information to the FAA’s location tracking system through a web connection.

UAVs solely flying inside 400 feet of their operators do not have to broadcast that data however will still transmit it to the system through the internet. To note, operators can select between their drone’s serial number and a randomly-generated alphanumeric code to make use of as their machines’ ID, if they wish to shield their privacy. All UAVs that require FAA registration — recreational drones beneath 0.55 pounds aren’t included — must comply with the new rules within the subsequent three years after they go into force.

Whereas a system that may “monitor” drones could sound like a bad factor, its implementation is a necessary step to achieve the widespread use of drones for industrial functions. “This is an indispensable building segment in the unmanned traffic management ecosystem,” the proposal reads. Amazon and UPS, for instance, cannot deploy supply drones till there is a complete system that may enable authorities to ID drones that go rogue or those that could pose a safety threat.

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