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E Ink Develops New E-Paper Color – Print Color

Color eReaders are still not a trend, however, E Ink continues to develop its technology and is now able to unveil its new color e-paper display. It is called Print-Color.

As Liliputing reports, Print-Color retains all the benefits of E Ink’s previous e-paper technology, which means it solely makes use of power when refreshing the display screen, requires no backlight, and might be seen outdoors. Nonetheless, it builds on these options with the ability to show black, white, red, green, and blue colors. It can additionally mix the colors allowing it to carry out like a full-color screen.

This new show expertise certainly has the potential to revolutionize eReaders as full-color devices. However, E Ink is initially targeting business, retail, and educational use cases.

We do not know the way a lot of Print Color shows value; however, it’s certainly going to hold a premium over the non-color E Ink panels, no less than initially. Whether or not we get client coloration, eReaders will finally rely upon how substantial that premium is.

There’s also a query mark over how helpful or popular color eReader gadgets would show with consumers. Amazon’s Kindle is very popular as a result of it means that you can carry around hundreds of books and read them off a paper-like show. A color version would do the same, however, would improve different works, for example, digital comics.

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