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DuckDuckGo Has Proposed New Design for Android Search Engine to Google

Following some EU regulations and fines, Google has made modifications to Android in countries where users can select a search engine, whereas setting up their gadgets. Nonetheless, one search engine, DuckDuckGo, isn’t content with Google’s search-choice screen on Android and has proposed a change.

In a Twitter thread this week, DuckDuckGo explains (by way of SearchEngineLand) that it feels Google’s search-engine choice screen on Android is “fundamentally improper.” In Google’s model of this screen, the alternatives are made accessible via a pay-to-play auction, which, as DuckDuckGo says, “artificially limits” what is proven. Google lists which options show in each country.

For instance, Google could present its search engine along with DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Yahoo. DuckDuckGo’s proposal gives users extra choices for search engine selections, as well as more context.

This option takes over two screens. The first display explains the place the chosen search engine will be used as well as how they range. On the correct choice display, there are more results, with some organized by area. Under each search engine selection, there’s an area for a brief explanation of what that search engine brings to the table.

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