Crystal Dynamics Has Pushed Launch Of Marvel’s Avengers Game to September 4th

Final Fantasy VII Remake is not the only Square Enix game facing delays. Crystal Dynamics has shifted the release of Marvel’s Avengers from May 15th to September 4th. The extra months will allot more time for “fine-tuning and polishing the sport so that it is entertaining to play,” studio heads Scot Amos, and Ron Rosenberg mentioned in a discover each on Crystal Dynamics’ web site (which, ominously, went down as we wrote this) and on Twitter. If you have worries about the game, you might get to relax a little simpler.

Nonetheless, a lot the delay helps, it is ill-timed. The Black Widow film is ready to premiere in main markets on May 1st — this would’ve been a perfect tie-in. September is not too late to remind individuals of the film (we would not be stunned if it was reaching digital companies this fall), but it surely’s the previous summer blockbuster season. Let’s just hope the finished product is price playing and not just an attempt to cash in on years of superhero fervor.

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