COVID-19 GTA V Mod: Grand Theft Auto 5 games Iron Man fight with Coronavirus

COVID-19 GTA V Mod: Grand Theft Auto 5 games Iron Man fight with CoronavirusCOVID-19 GTA V Mod: In case you can think about one thing, then it could undoubtedly happen in Grand Theft Auto V(GTA 5), particularly with mods. Being one the most preferred open-world journey video games, a brand new mod in Grand Theft Auto 5 lets gamers fight coronavirus by calling on Iron Man. As impossible as it might sound, we already saw GTA 5 mods wherein players have chosen to be a cow, cat, characters just like Dr. Strange, Venom, Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Iron Man, Thanos, and even Jesus!

Having mentioned that as netizens would name this “it is corona time” and would do something associated to the coronavirus pandemic to earn fame online, a brand new GTA V mod has appeared the place the SARS-CoVID-19 virus, which causes the coronavirus illness, is invading the fictional region of Los Santos. On this mod, you possibly can see the virus-like big balloons floating around Los Santos, and to kill the virus, you have to shoot it down utilizing anything– be it a handgun or RPG.

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COVID-19 GTA V Mod Analysis

The virus primarily can chase and suck you in to make you float on this GTA V mod. As soon as trapped in this virus, you can not do much, and as per the game, you might be bound to be “wasted”. That is the place the creator of this mod introduces Iron Man to battle the virus and try to save the region.

Like within the film, the Iron Man character on this mod can fly and shoot projectiles from its bodysuit. This mod has been created by JulioNIB, and he even has a YouTube web page known as GTA X Scripting. You will be able to obtain the GTA 5 COVID-19 Invasion mod without cost on Patreon, however, to take action, you must be a member.

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