Cisco Secures Injunction against Four Chinese Companies Selling Their Counterfeit Hardware

Cisco scored a severe victory this week after it managed to secure an injunction towards four Chinese companies selling and manufacturing counterfeit parts of its networking hardware.

As per reports, the short-term injunction was granted following a lawsuit filed by Cisco within the Eastern District of New York. It pointed to four Chinese producers, Shenzhen Tianheng Network Co., Shenzhen Sourcelight Technology Co., Gezhi Photonics Technology Co. Ltd., and Dariocom, who the company accused of producing counterfeit versions of its transceivers.

The network transceiver permits for the transmission of knowledge on a community, and Cisco supplies them as a part of its company networking gear to be used in range situations, a few of which require a high stage of security. These include hospitals, military services, and plenty of corporate environments.

The four manufacturers in the query are thought to account for over half of all counterfeit transceiver manufacturing, so blocking sales of their merchandise should have a positive impression. The injunction means all major online retailers, together with Amazon and eBay, can now not permit products provided by these companies, however, branded Cisco, to be offered. This should also make it simpler for these companies buying Cisco to be assured Cisco manufactures it.

Another constructive outcome of the lawsuit is all assets owned by the named Chinese corporations are being frozen, making it way more difficult for them to continue trading, no less than outside of China.

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