California’s Earthquake Early Warning System Sent out First Alert

Two months after extending across California, the state’s Earthquake Early Warning system sent out its first real alert, instructing residents of trembling in Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties, along the San Andreas Fault. Whereas the quake eventually registered at 4.3 on the Modified Mercali scale, the USGS information reveals it was initially estimated at 4.8, high enough to warrant an alert.

In keeping with a venture manager quoted by the LA Times, about 40 people received the alert, and it took 8.7 seconds for the warning to go out. In this case, that reached individuals within the city of Paso Robles, about 22 miles away insufficient time to provide them about one second of warning. Nevertheless, that distant the intensity dropped to 2 on the size, hardly enough to jostle anybody or trigger detectable harm. In case you’re close to a powerful enough quakes, the warnings can come to you through the Wireless Emergency Alert System, or pushed through the MyShake app on iOS and Android.

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