Best New Android mobile or iOS phones 2021

Android mobile or iOS phones 2021

Introduction Android mobile or iOS phones 2021 Android mobile or iOS phones 2021 are the operating systems for mobile phones that provide you the platform for mobile computing. Both use UNIX-like operating systems with a graphical user interface that manipulates smartphones & tablets with touch & gestures. Android mobile or iOS phones 2021 Ever since … Read more

Breaking any computer password tips & tricks 2021

Breaking any computer password

What is a computer password? A computer password is a passcode with a set of secret characters or words that authenticates access to the digital system only for the concerned persons. The purpose of creating a password is to see that a person has the right to read and access the data. The operating system … Read more

Savage Game Studios News 2021

What do you understand by savage game studios? Savage Game Studios is one of the shooter games for mobile devices, developed by Venture Beat Inc. Savage Game Studios News Savage Game Studios, one of the most popular mobile game shooters, has earned over $4.4 million. VentureBeat had invested that money in creating two mobile game … Read more

New Google Assistant Working in 2021

Google Assistant Working in 2021

What do you understand about Google assistant? Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool powered by a virtual assistant. You can find the Google Assistant tool in Android mobile phones, iPhones, and smart home devices. It is also called Google’s next-generation or descendent in searching for the information that you require. The functionality of … Read more

Happy Birthday Google: Search Engine Celebrates Its Launch With Animated Illustration of 22nd Birthday Doodle

Happy Birthday Google 2020

Happy Birthday Google! First launched on Sep 27, 1988, as we speak is the 22yr or the 22nd birthday. At the moment, Google operates in over 100 languages. The search engine is understood to mark most occasions and observances, achievements with their doodle. The letters of the phrase are spin round to pay a tribute … Read more

Google Launched New Tool Google News Publisher Center

Google News Publisher Center

Google has launched a brand new Google News Publisher Center tool designed to assist publishers in managing how their content appears throughout Google products. Google’s new Publisher Center consolidates two old tools – Google News Producer and Google News Publisher Center. Along with combining the options of those tools, Google says the user experience and … Read more