Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation’s New Weapon Is the Sentinel

Season 4: Assimilation to add a brand-new weapon to Apex Legends, and it is another sniper rifle. Though datamined assets and new gameplay changes appeared to indicate that Titanfall 2’s Volt can be coming to Apex Legends in Season 4, Respawn unveiled the battle royale’s new weapon is the Sentinel.

“The Sentinel is a brand new sniper rifle–it’s a bolt action sniper rifle,” Apex Legends design director Jason McCord mentioned in the Season 4 Reveal Devstream. “So it feels highly effective, it is got that cool animation the place you cock it again, and it is a bit different than our other sniper rifles because it has a charge mechanic.”

Follow-up comments from Apex Legends group manager Jay Frechette seem to assist the idea that the Sentinel is a sniper rifle that may fire fast but weak shots or a charged, however sluggish single shot without the need for any attachments. “I’ve loved enjoying with [the Sentinel] a lot as nicely,” he said. “It has that neat twist of almost having another fire mode.”

Season 4: Assimilation will also see the return of Kings Canyon and the addition of a brand-new playable persona, Forge. Assimilation begins on February 4.

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