Alleged Rockstar Tester Shared A Massive GTA 6 Leak On Reddit

Expectations for although building for the yet-to-be-announced GTA 6, an individual claiming to have been a QA tester for Rockstar has shared a lengthy, albeit obscure, leak, with reams of distinct information on the next Grand Theft Auto.

As of December 2019, there’s still no sign in any respect that Rockstar are even working on GTA 6, however considering it has been over seven years since the final entry in their most successful franchise, it stands to cause that they might be working in silence.

There have been countless leaks about the next GTA, some extra plausible than others. The most cited of which claims it will likely be titled ‘Project Americas’, and happen in various locations. Before going any additional, it is essential to notice that this information can’t be confirmed in any way. There’s each chance it is at least partially fictitious. However, there are some nuggets here that might catch a GTA fan’s eye.

The ‘leak’ comes from an anonymous source who has claimed to be a QA tester who worked on each RDR2 and the subsequent GTA. The submit was promptly deleted from Reddit by moderators. However, the cause for its removal isn’t clear.

Presently, GTA 5, especially the online portion, continues to be performing incredibly well, so Rockstar might be in no rush to push out GTA 6, giving them more time to perfect the game for the next generation of consoles.

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