All about OnePlus OxygenOS 11

All about OnePlus OxygenOS 11

About OxygenOS 11

The OnePlus comes with the latest release of OxygenOS 11 which is apparently the same as Hydrogen OS; another version of the OS specially designed for the Chinese market. The new OS comes with a completely new UI. However, netizens have mixed reviews with respect to the new UI.

With the new features in the latest OS for all the new OnePlus flagship phones, the company does a decent job but it has failed to roll over these new features to the older OnePlus smartphones as promised.

According to the news from XDA-developers the features like RAM Boost and DC dimming which were announced back in May 2019 with the OnePlus 7 series are not coming to the older devices; the OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T.

Talking about the OxygenOS 11, the Chinese smartphone maker brings the much-awaited feature; AOD (Always On Display) along with Zen Mode 2.0, optimized dark mode, a new font, revamped system apps, and more.

Here the changelog of the new OxygenOS which is based on Android 11 Beta 3; a developer preview.


  • New visual design (including Weather app, Launcher, Gallery, Notes)
  • New layout for more comfortable and convenient one-handed operation
  • Always-on display function, including 11 new clock styles
  • Live wallpaper that changes according to the time of day
  • New OnePlus Sans font that improves readability
  • Optimized Dark Mode, including the ability to automatically turn on and off and a shortcut in Quick Settings
  • 3 new Zen Mode themes, more timing options, and new Group feature to let you experience Zen Mode with your friends
  • New Gallery function that automatically creates a weekly story based on your photos and videos

With these new exciting features, there are some known issues.

Known Issues

  • Some third-party applications may not function as expected
  • System stability issues
  • Network stability issues in some scenarios

With all of that being said. The news of official release is yet to be confirmed. However, there are leaks that suggest that open beta will be released in September 2020 for the OnePlus 8 series following a stable release in October 2020. There is no news on the release of OxygenOS 11 for the OnePlus Nord yet. The earlier OnePlus devices; 7/6 series is expected to get the update by December 2020. There will be no update for series 5 and below devices.

If you have the latest OnePlus 8 series phone you can already get started with the developer preview by clicking on the link below.

Android developer preview for OnePlus 8 series.

Please note that there is a risk of bricking the phone. Be 100% sure of what you are doing. Read all the instructions carefully and backup the data before flashing your device.

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