Activision Announced Revamped 20202 Call of Duty Tournament

The Call of Duty League has announced a significant revamp to the 2020 schedule, shifting to a tournament-based format beginning in the competition’s second week in London, England.

The inaugural season of the franchised league kicks off on January 24, when all 12 teams head to Minneapolis Armory in Minnesota to kick off an immense new era for the popular console esport.

Whereas teams were formerly competing in league matches with merely half of the competing subject in motion, it is believed that Activision listened to fan feedback which perceived they would miss the old, tournament-style occasions from the CoD World League, and confirmed that they would be bringing back features of event play when the league’s second-week heads to England’s capital on February 8.

Of their announcement, the Call of Duty League confirmed that they have been “incredibly excited” to announce the addition of tournament-based play to the 2020 season, stating that the new format might be “each familiar to the legacy of Name of Duty esports and pure amidst the scenery of our city-based franchise structure.”

Accompanying the change of weekend format is a brand-new factors system that takes impact from the league’s launch weekend, with Activision hoping that it’ll ship an “aggressive experience the place each match of the season matters,” with the results being “fans will get to see more matches, more drama, and more teams competing every home series weekend.”

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