5G Technology will drive the Future, will blow your mind

5g Technology has the potential to change the world. It will not only transform the technology with the better broadband but will also extend the overall reach of 5G to new devices, services, and industries. With the technologies have been continuously evolving it will change the way of our communication.

With that being said 5G will be faster, stronger and will deliver speed upto 100 times than 4G LTE. Imagine the things you could do with such technology. But making all of this a reality will come with bunch of challenges. Deployment and coverage, cost to build and buy, just to name a few.

What is 5G Technology?

If you ask average people about the 5g technology, they will likely say that it has to do something with the cellular technology and faster networks than 4G LTE. Well, in the coming years depending upon how this technology is deployed it will be vastly different. We could see a future with devices talking to each other, vehicles communicating with the roads as they travel and off-course, the accessibility of data at a much higher speed.

5G sets itself apart with its ability to operate on three different spectrum bands. It may not cover far more area but it offers more channels for transmitting the data with much higher bandwidth and lower latency. There is a lot more to know and digest but what’s important is how it will take the technology world by storm.

Key points you should know

  1. 5G network will cover 40% of the world by 2024, handling 25% of All Mobile Traffic Data.

  2. 100 times faster than 4G LTE. A 3GB movie on 4G LTE will take 27 minutes vs 30 seconds on 5G to download.

  3. It has great impact on IoT (Internet of things). Providing unbeatable speeds and low-latency connectivity to millions of devices and helping build smart cities and improved health care.

  4. 5G uses a smaller transmitter. They consume less energy and power.

  5. A future for autonomous vehicles. Vehicles will communicate with other vehicles on the road.

  6. 5G technology will enable wireless gigabit and multi-gigabit internet services in your home or office, reshaping the broadband ISP.

5G Technology

To sum up

The fact is, 5g Technology is definitely going to change the way how we communicate and exchange information. Even though some companies have successfully introduced 5G devices in the market, the  change will not happen overnight.  Once it is fully operational it will redefine the way of communication and entertainment to our mobile device. People would be able to download movies in matter of seconds, stream 8k videos in a jiffy. Enjoying high quality video calls and playing graphics rich games without lag will become reality.

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