267 Millions Of Personal Facebook Data Leaks Online

If you’re a Facebook person questioning in case your personal information has been leaked, the reply by this level is sort of certainly “yes.” The newest privacy chaos in a long series of them involves about 267 million users. Comparitech and security researcher Bob Diachenko spotted a repository of Facebook user data exposed online for multiple weeks. It has since disappeared, however, not earlier than links to the info appeared on hacker boards. Sure, this is the company that wants to create its operating system so it can stop using the open supply Android OS.

The information was available in Elasticsearch, a distributed full-text search engine. The researchers report that the Facebook database first appeared in Elasticsearch on or around December 4th. On December 12th, the info appeared on a hacker forum. Two days later, Diachenko found the database and despatched a violation report to the ISP related to the AP address. On December 19th, the database vanished from Elasticsearch.

We will safely assume an unknown variety of online criminal types managed to seize the database earlier than it went offline. The 267,140,436 records didn’t include passwords or different highly sensitive information, but it surely did have Facebook IDs, phone numbers, full name, and a timestamp. From that, somebody might discover your Facebook profile to gather more intelligence and conduct an active phishing attack. Comparitech remarks that the database would be a concept for SMS-based scams.

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