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Motorola Razr Hinge Broke After 27,000 Folds

CNET has put the brand new Motorola Razr to the test by folding it repeatedly for thousands of times using a machine known as Foldbot made by SquareTrade. The result? Its hinge began acting wobbly by around 27,000 folds. To note, a 2017 study uncovered that Americans check their phones 80 times a day. That suggests the Razr could start exhibiting issues inside a year.

Last year, CNET conducted an identical test on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which lasted for 14 hours (119,380 folds) on the machine. The Foldbot was truly designed to check Samsung’s system, but the publication had it modified for the Razr, intending to reach 100,000 folds. However, the hosts of the Livestream needed to cut the testing quickly when the phone’s hinge began making noises and displaying resistance after almost four hours. It also looked odd and out of alignment when the phone is closed.

That stated, the Razr’s screen still worked and regarded only fine even after its hinge began giving out. The Galaxy Fold’s display broke by the top of its check, but then again, it lasted for much longer, and the machine was calibrated to fold it right through every time. For Razr’s test, the machine only folded the device halfway.

Melissa Brewer

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